Vascular Ultrasound Guide for Physicians


Area to be scanned

Transient Ischemic Attack (TIA)
Transient limb or facial numbness/weakness
Amaurosis fugax
Vertigo, suspected subclavian steal

Carotid and vertebral Arteries

Hand and arm ischemia
Raynaud’s phenomenon
Absent radial, ulna and/or brachial pulses
Suspected thoracic outlet compression – positional numbness/weakness or pain

Upper limb arteries

Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm (AAA)
Chronis mesenteric ischemia
Acute or chronic lower limb ischemia with suspected aorto-iliac involvement
Intermittent calf and/or thigh and buttock claudication
Rest pain
Absent or weak femoral pulses
Abdominal bruits

Abdominal arteries

Acute or chronic lower limb ischemia due to infrainguinal occlusive disease
Rest pain, intermittent calf or foot claudication
Absent or weak peripheral pulses, arterial bruits, may include Aorto-iliac study
Arterial ulcers
Suspected popliteal entrapment syndrome

Lower limb arteries

Therapy resistant hypertension
Suspected reno-vascular hypertension
Abdominal bruit
Progressive renal failure

Renal arteries

Deep venous thrombosis (DVT)
Superficial thrombophlebitis
Varicose veins, recurrent varicose veins
Leg oedema
Chronic venous insufficiency
Post thrombotic syndrome
Leg ulcers

Lower limb veins

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