Shut down unwanted veins

First Published: Your Time Magazine. Edition 11, February 2016

There’s a simple and cost effective way to treat spider veins, those dark ugly squiggles that put many women off wearing shorts or bathers and enjoying outdoor activities.

Sclerotherapy involves injecting saline into the vein using a fine needle.

This irritates the lining of the vein causing it to become “sticky”.

Compression is then applied to push the walls of the vein together and seal it off.

“Many women aged 35 -85 years who haven’t worn shorts or swimmers for years are referred by their GP for sclerotherapy,” registered nurse Jayne Schulze of Sunshine Vascular in Buderim said.

“Others, tired of having to hide veiny, discoloured feet, come to have veins on their feet treated so they can wear sandals or open shoes.”

Many sufferers are from professions involving a lot of standing who also complain of tires, aching legs.

“We get many teachers and women who work in retail or hospitality” Ms Schulze said.

“Often sclerotherapy has been recommended by a colleague, friend or sister – someone who has had the treatment and loves the result. It’s a sense of freedom.”

The injections are not pain free but usually cause only minor discomfort.

Compression stockings are worn for 3-7 days afterwards to ensure the veins close off.

Depending on the number of spider veins, it usually takes between one and three sessions to get the best result.

Cost wise, sclerotherapy is comparable to other cosmetic treatments such as botox.